Kendal Thompson(born in Alliston, Ontario) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer. At an early age, she began performing “I used to sing under the kitchen table but would stop as soon as I thought someone was listening or could hear.” Kendal Thompson says “I knew then I wanted to be a performer but had to get over my stage fright which took quite some time, probably a good 5 years.” 

After moving to Toronto and establishing herself as singer-songwriter, Kendal began to shift her focus toward urban inspired pop music and first gained recognition with her debut single, Love, in 2013.

finding inspiration in her surroundings and strong

pop cultural icons such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Lauryn Hill, Kendal possesses the ability to make universal experiences feel intensely personal.  “Besides being a visual person and being inspired everyday by fashion, people and art. When it comes to my music I am really inspired by other artists I look up to. What they are doing in their performance and their writing style really helps to guide and inspire me in my own music and performance.”

From the strong and sensitive ballad "It's Time" to the uptempo, tribal inspired rhythms of "Be Mine" Kendal continues to prove she is a capable writer and unique voice in the Canadian music industry.